Teacher's Assistant at Just Like Home Daycare

Company Name
Just Like Home Daycare
Job Title
Teacher's Assistant
Company Location
Chicago, IL 60660
Contact Information
Required Education
High School
Rate Range
9.00 to $10:50
Job Description

1.  Ability to listen and interact joyfully and sensitively to children.

2.  Find great joy working with children and have a genuine love and respect for each child.

3.  Evidence of enough maturity and judgement to handle a crisis situation.

4.  Understanding and ability to work with children's individual needs.

5.  Familiarity with and ability to assist with classroom curriculum

6.  Meet and follow requirement of licensing agencies.

7.  Warm and nuturing nature with the ability to use appropriate and positve discipline.

8.  Dependale, flexible and adaptable.

9.  Ability and willingness to learn and grow through supervision

10. Ability to foster a team environment and to be open to new ideas.

11. Ability to communicate professionally with children, parents and other staff.

12. Ability to establish and follow boundaries with both children and parents.

13. Physical stamina (to be able to lift, play with and diaper children).

14.  Demonstrates enthusiam for life-long learning.

Job Requirements

Must be 18 years or older

Must pass a background check

Must have 3 references

Must have previous work  experience in a daycare and be familiar with the licensing standards.

How to Apply
Call 773-317-9900 to set up an interview. or e-mail resume to: JustLikeHomeDaycares@gmail.com