Mental Health Professional at Acadia-Healthcare

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Job Title
Mental Health Professional
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North Little Rock, AR
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Required Education
Not Specified
Required Experience
At least 1 year(s)
Job Description

An individual must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without a reasonable accommodation.
? Completes Psychosocial History on all patients who are referred.
? Oversees Mental Health Paraprofessional (MHPP), and supervises MHPPs as required by DBHS policies.
? The MHP will conduct psychotherapy services in the clinic and he/she will develop an individualized psychotherapy treatment plan for appropriate patients. This treatment plan will be based on the results of the psychological evaluation, clinical observations of the patient and/or family, input/oversight of the Medical Director and data from the Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessment (PDA), and information gathered from social history/assessment.
? Reviews and updates each patient’s Treatment Plan on a quarterly basis.
? Conducts individual, group, family therapy, and/or crisis intervention/stabilization services, as appropriate. The number and length of these sessions will be determined by the patient’s prior approval status with the regulating agency (Value Options, AFMC).
? Will physically demonstrate various recreational/sports activities for children such as but not limited to running, throwing and catching a ball, parachute activities and other activities that work on physical fitness, motor skills and socialization.
? For every service billed, the MHP will provide progress notes in the appropriate format which contain all information as required by company policy, CHMS and/or RSPMI guidelines, and/or other applicable regulations. The MHP will keep detailed records of all work with all patients he/she serves. All billing and required supporting documentation must be done in compliance with company standards.
? Provides on-call services when designated according to Company Policy and Procedure.
? Attends supervision every quarter from Ascent’s Director of Clinical Services or company designee.
This job description supersedes all prior descriptions.
? Ensures patient’s families are active in family therapy. Makes attempts to schedule family therapy including, but not limited to, phone calls, letters, and home visits, while documenting all attempts.
? Ensures that all progress notes reflect Treatment Plan goals and objectives and current diagnosis (es) and other required elements set forth by Medicaid regulations.
? Ensures that billing is completed for each patient served on a daily basis.
? Ensures that patients are seen for interventions as ordered on the Mental Health Treatment Plan.
? Assists with completion of other documentation related to psychological evaluations and psychotherapy, as appropriate.
? Refers patients for additional clinical services, as needed.
? Attends and actively participates in job-related center functions such as parent meetings, transition conferences, peer reviews, conferences with supervisors, staff workshops, job orientations, and family night as indicated.
? Represents the program to parents, visitors, and the public in a positive way.
? Maintains familiarity with health and safety guidelines, including universal precautions and daily operating procedures, as implemented by the clinic nurse.
? Immediately reports any information regarding health and safety concerns to supervisor or clinic nurse.
? Completes relevant and approved continuing professional education each year as required to maintain professional licensure.
? Provides supervisor with renewed license.
? Is familiar with the company’s policies and procedures and guidelines, as well as those requirements set forth by regulatory agencies, including CHMS, RSPMI, CARF, AR Child Care Licensing, and the AR Health Department.
? Displays appropriate boundaries and concern for the rights and of patients and families served by the clinic to ensure avoiding conflicts of interest.
? The productivity expectation of an MHP is defined as delivering all of the prescribed therapy units on your caseload. Expectations are that a therapist will spend approximately 6 ½ hours (26 units) out of an 8 hour day providing direct care to patients. Productivity will be assessed as part of the employee’s performance evaluation.
This job description supersedes all prior descriptions.
? Demonstrates competency in performing mental health intake assessment.
? Demonstrates competency in providing individual therapy.
? Demonstrates competency in providing group therapy.
? Communicates effectively with members of the treatment team.
? Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with external sources, including families and referral sources.
? Interacts with others, including patients, parent, family members, referral sources, and visitors in a professional, courteous manner.
? Demonstrates cultural competence in working with diverse populations.
? Effectively intervenes to de-escalate patients.
? Effectively administers the therapeutic hold (If Applicable) including the debriefing (Teachable Experience).
? May perform other related and non-related duties, as assigned and agreed upon by both parties.
An individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position.
? Licensed/certified by a credentialing body that uses a competency-based process for issuing licenses and certification.
? Time Management-Uses time effectively by planning and prioritizing tasks as well as setting goals in order to accomplish assignments on schedule.
? Analyzes and Solves Problems – Approaches problems from an analytical perspective, gathering information from multiple sources performing analyses, and drawing appropriate conclusions. Proactively diagnoses by identifying root causes and choosing optimal solutions.
? Embraces Diversity – Leverages the capabilities and perspectives of all individuals, holding self and others accountable for developing and maintaining an environment that enables full participation and development of all backgrounds, cultures, styles, and views.
This job description supersedes all prior descriptions.
? Communicates with Purpose – Gains support for ideas through effective spoken/written communication. Uses active listening to ensure understanding and is able to recognize important information in written materials. Provides clear instructions in accordance with company guidelines.
? Maintains Cooperative Relationships – Treats others with respect and encourages cooperation at all levels of the company. Works to resolve conflicts while ensuring needs are met. Interacts effectively with all Employees, families, patients, referral sources, and all external agencies.
? Demonstrates Integrity – Maintains in one’s work through implementing, upholding, and enforcing ethical standards and compliance with local, state, and federal laws and company policies.
? Promotes Strong Work Ethic – Stays focused and works effectively under stress. Holds self and others accountable for completing tasks accurately and efficiently. Shows enthusiasm towards work and teaches Employees to do the same. Maintains high standards for self and others.
? Encourages Customer Focus – Makes Customer service a priority by instructing others to provide excellent service to internal and external customers. Demonstrates how to appropriately interact with customers, even in difficult situations, and how to effectively meet their needs.
? Decision Making- Ability to make correct decisions or choose the best course of actions when a decision needs to be made, including doing so in a safe manner, preventing accidents, injuries, and theft.
? Attendance - Ability to be punctual to work, including adhering to time limits while on break or lunch. Employee must also follow company policy in respect to sick leave, vacation time off, giving a prompt notice of absence due to an illness, and following company policy and regulatory standards in regards to leaves of absences (i.e. FMLA, Personal Leave, etc).
? Productivity – Performs all direct patient care to meet company productivity standards and all services requested on treatment plans and/or approved by prior authorizations.
The following physical activities are necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position.
? Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
? Must be physically able to walk, stand, and stoop for several hours each day.
? Must be willing and able to sit on the floor and get up without assistance.
? Travel as needed.
? Minimum of a Master’s degree in Social Work or Counseling from an accredited college or university.
? A current Arkansas license as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Master’s Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, or Licensed Associate Counselor.
? Prefer at least one year’s experience working with infants/toddlers and/or preschool children with mental health/behavior issues, developmental disabilities, and/or special needs.
Position Reports To: Clinic Director
Assistant Clinic Director
Director of Clinical Services
Position Supervises: Case Manager/Paraprofessional 

Job Requirements