Therapeutic Foster Care Treatment Consultant at Access Family Services

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Access Family Services
Job Title
Therapeutic Foster Care Treatment Consultant
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Boise, ID
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Job Description

The Foster Care Treatment Consultant is responsible for assuring a person and family-centered process is used in the planning and delivery of foster care treatment and permanency planning services.

•         Must communicate fully and honestly in the performance of his/her responsibilities and provides sufficient information to enable individuals being supported and others to make their own informed decision to the best of their ability.

•         Must protect the dignity, privacy and confidentiality of individuals being supported.

•         Must solicit, honor and respect the unique needs, values and choices of persons served.

•         Must maintain an average therapeutic foster care caseload of 12 Clients.

•         Must complete at least one face-to-face contact with each client per month in the foster home and documents all contact on Form 52 Monthly Foster Care Contact Record

•         Must provide at least 60 minutes of treatment oversight and supervision per week to each foster parent serving a child (both parents if 2 parent home), of which at least 36 minutes (60%) must be face-to-face each week; of which at least 2 per month must take place in the foster parent’s residence; and all of which must be documented and submitted weekly on Form 51 Weekly Foster Supervision to the designated supervisor(s). 

•         Must provide and document at least one face-to-face contact per month with the client’s designated family of permanence or alternative permanency support resource (Form 52 Monthly Foster Care Contact Record).

•         Must provide and document a monthly Child Family Team meeting, preferably holding at least one CFT quarterly in the foster home, and at least one CFT quarterly in the home of the family of permanence.  (Form 52 Monthly Foster Care Contact Record/Treatment Team Summary)

•         Must collect and submit service authorization documents (CCA to support level of care, PCP with service properly designated, and Medical Necessity signature) to support new admissions to care, ensuring documents are submitted to the MCO on or before placement if emergency placement, or 14 days prior, if routine placement.

•         Must execute new admission documents accurately and completely on or before the day of placement (Forms 00 – Form 19).

•         Must execute a placement contract with the Client’s Custodian (Form 20) on or before the day of client placement, according to the agency’s standing fee schedule.

•         Must execute a placement contract with the Foster Treatment Parent (Form 21) on or before the day of client placement, according to the agency’s standing fee schedule.

•         Must obtain authorization from the CPA Executive Director, prior to negotiating and executing a special contract rate with a custodian or a foster parent.

•         Must identify/contact providers to schedule appointments for therapy, medication management and any special treatment needs, within 72 hours of placement. 

•         Must provide services in a manner sensitive to the cultural/spiritual values of client and does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin or mental or physical disability.  

•         Must ensure each client is served in a licensed bed with a current facility license on file and in good standing.

•         Must provide crisis response assistance 24/7

•         Must participate in foster parent training and recruitment to support program growth and development               

•         Ensure the Foster Parents adhere to prescribed services (i.e. IIH, OPT, DT, Med Mgmt., etc) and communicate any barriers to treatment compliance to the FC Program Manager, Licensing Director and/or Regional Director prior to placement or immediately upon learning of a conflict.



 Bachelor level professional, with a degree in one of the following areas: Social Work, Counseling, Human Services, Sociology, or Psychology; Meets or exceeds credentialing as a Qualified Mental Health Professional


At least one year of full time experience in child foster placement.

Job Requirements