Lead Teacher at ABC Learning Center

Company Name
ABC Learning Center
Job Title
Lead Teacher
Company Location
Redmond, WA 98052
Contact Information
Required Education
High School
Rate Range
$21 - $25 per hour
Job Description

We need qualified Teacher’s to prepare small children to be successful meeting their milestones and making their transition smoothly for kindergarten by easing them into organized education. You will teach them important elements that they will encounter soon after they enter school life.

An educator must have a great love and patience for children. Qualifications needed to teach them effectively include knowledge of best practices and preschool educational methods as well as the ability to engage them and earn their trust and attention. This job requires you continue your education and fully comply with the training schedule. The goal is to contribute to the healthy mental and emotional development of the child so they can more easily acclimate in the next level of education.

This job requires clear, concise and continuous training so the center is properly run. We require all staff follow the laws, rules, policies and expectations of management, DEL, Licensing and Early Achievers. We need staff to be flexible and willing to help in other classes if needed. We are looking for staff that is trainable and will continue their education and ongoing training. We have a tight schedule and need staff to be able to manage their time to meet the needs of the center.

It is important to have clear and concise communication with co workers, parents and teachers. It is important not to use physical force to redirect children such as grabbing child by arm or other body parts, no yelling and no form of corporal punishment is allowed.

Our expectations:

We expect all staff to be fully engaged with children when covering any room. There is always an opportunity for children to learn as well as opportunities for teachers to prepare documentation, observation and tailored activities for each child in the classroom. We expect staff to have conversations with children and asking open ended questions during circle time, reading, class activities, mealtime and outside play.


• Develop a careful and creative program suitable for children in our care

• Implement a variety of educational techniques (storytelling, educational play, media etc.) to teach children

• Observe each child to help them improve their social competencies and build self-esteem

• Encourage children to interact with each other and resolve occasional arguments

• Guide children to develop their artistic and practical capabilities through a carefully constructed curriculum (identify shapes, numbers or colors, do crafts etc.)

• Organize nap and snack hours and supervise children to ensure they are always safe

• Track children’s progress, written documentation and report to parents

• Communicate with parents regularly to understand the children’s background

• Collaborate with other educators

• Maintain a clean and tidy classroom consistent with health and safety standards



Job Requirements

• Proven experience as a Teacher

• Excellent understanding of the principles of child development and preschool educational methods

• Familiarity with safety and sanitation guidelines for classrooms

• Excellent communication and instructional skills

• Ability to act as mediator between children, redirect behaviors in a positive manner

• Cool-tempered, friendly, good listener, communicator and reliable

• Balance between a creative mind and pay attention to detail

• Valid picture identification, Clear Background Check

• 30 Hours STARS plus 10 STARS per year

• Certification in child CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens

• Working on ECE Credits and Ongoing Training (5 Years Associates Degree for Leads)

• TB Test/ MMR Results/Proof of Immunity

• Continued training via dcyftraining.com/and other sites to meet licensing requirement

How to Apply
Send Resume and Cover letter to abcredmond@comcast.net