Early Child Care Administrator at Learning All Hours

Company Name
Learning All Hours
Job Title
Early Child Care Administrator
Company Location
Dover,, DE 19904
Contact Information
Required Education
College Degree
Rate Range
12 to 15
Job Description

Administrator plans, organizes and directs all aspects of the childcare facility including development of the service, day-to-day operations, compliance with licensure requirements, department of education requirements and other partnering governances policies, managing staff, coordinating the scheduling of children and staff, and providing ongoing oversight and direction to support the daily activities at Learning All Hours, LAH.  Reports daily directly to the Executive Director.




Infant -1 month through 18 months                  

18months to through 3 years              

Preschool - 3 years through 4 years                 

Pre-k - 4 years through 5 years                                     

School Age 5 years through 12 years               


CULTURE/RELIGIOUS ASPECTS:  Employee may care for children and serve parents of all cultural and religious backgrounds. 


ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE:  Employee performs within the prescribed limits of the Ethics and Compliance according to the national law and governance of diversity, State of Delaware, Office of Child Care Licensing, Department of Education, and Learning All Hours and other governing body partnered within those bodies.  Is responsible to detect, observe and report compliance variances to their immediate supervisor, or upward through the chain of command in writing.



  1. Responsible for the day-to-day management of all aspects of the LAH Childcare Center.
  2. Assist and support staff, supervise, arrange training, and observe and evaluate staff to assure best practices are utilized and age appropriate care and activities are offered during in caring for children.
  3. Track children and staff and children hourly and provide written verification of ratio compliance as well as to follow the LAH policy and procedures of recording attendance recordings.
  4. Provide oversight of staff practices, procedures occurring to the Delaware Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals and training, ensuring that they meet and exceed mandatory state licensing standards, Delaware Stars and department of education requirements when applicable.
  5. Coordinate the scheduling of children and staff and with the attendance contract to assure proper daily coverage and for attendance recording of children and staff daily.

6.      Administrator shall notify the Office of Child Care Licensing within one (1) working day by direct voice contact during the Office of Child Care Licensing’s working hours if an of the following occur:

A. Any fire; flood; or any other serious damage due to any natural or man-made disaster(s) that impact the ability to operate safely;

B. Injury of a child while in the care of a Center requiring inpatient or outpatient treatment. The direct voice contact shall be followed by a written report on a form provided by the Office of Child Care Licensing;

C. Suspected abuse or neglect of a child while at the Center including immediately calling the 24-hour Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline (currently listed as 1-800-292-9582) to report the abuse or neglect; or

D. Any known conviction(s) of a staff member including those which prohibit continued employment at

  1. Provide ongoing oversight and direction to support the daily activities schedules, assure that lesson plans of the center.  Provide information to assist in developing policies and procedures appropriate to the operation of the LAH, and assist in policy and procedure review and revision as necessary. 
  2. Develops and evaluates curriculum, and implements and/or monitors implementation of curriculum and daily activities for children at the Center. The Early Childhood Curriculum Coordinator and supervises Early Childhood Teachers, Early Childhood Assistant Teachers, Early Childhood Interns, Volunteers and Substitutes.
  3. Maintains collects information and updates all staff and children files and records maintenance of such files as needed; reviewed at least once quarterly and recorded.
  4. Maintains, collects and updates all children, staff, and parent rosters weekly.

11.  Ensure compliance with all state regulations and policies and other governing partners. Reports child abuse / neglect in accordance to the State of Delaware Office of Child care Licensing and Learning All Hours requirements; documents all reported incidents in administrative log.

12.  Plan and prepare meals if needed, and complete administrative paperwork in accordance with the Child and Adult Care Food Program. 

13.  Provide direct age appropriate child care as necessary through observation and data collection and developmental screenings and substation coverage.

14.   Provide direct supervision, observation and evaluation of all staff to include interns, assist teachers, teacher, and volunteer staff utilizing action plan / individual professional development plan within the department of education Delaware competence leveled standards.

15.  Provide supervision to assure that facility is kept clean and well maintenance by keeping record of all updates, maintenance, regulatory visits from state and city governance.  Report all repairs and needed assistance immediately.

16.  Insurances of classroom management and cleanliness are maintained by personnel and reported immediate issues, concerns as needed and have corrected immediately.

17.  Ensure that the facility is in full compliance daily through recorded checklist.

18.  Coordinate and respond to all inspections by licensing authorities and other governing partners.

19.  Plan and implement performance Improvement programming daily, monthly quarter,     

semimonthly, annually and record interventions in administrative log.

20.  Assure provisions of quality customer service consistent with the LAH policies and regulatory guidelines are given to our children, families and guest at all times. 

21.  Assures provisions of quality customer service consistent with the LAH policies and Regulatory guidelines are given to our children, families and guest at all times.

22.  Record keeping and assurance that all reporting of final staff reports, attendance reports and federal reporting is accurate and submitted timely according to the regulated agencies date given and confirmed via internet email to executive director with copy of submitted report.

23.  Responsible for maintain supervision and accuracy of all tracking forms kept daily within classroom and at the front desk (master copy).

24.  Supervision of accurate time clock reporting, projected scheduling, final scheduling reports and calculated time cards to executive director.

25.  Assure that all corrective action are follow up and reporting in accurately made within each staff members file and each occurrence is reported to the executive director immediately through written internet with attachment of corrective action.




  1. Ensures consistent communication with parents and visitors of Learning All Hour and communication log. 

  2. Provides supervision to children to include full programming discoveries and exclusion design and development.

  3. Transportation and supervision of children, maintenance of vehicle transporting children and all required according to the regulatory guidelines; logging maintenance and reporting necessary and required maintenance immediately within 24 hours.

  4. Build strong ongoing relationship with community and community school we serve and documents such relationships monthly.

  5. Ensures daily communication of all operations, reporting, incidents, and issues to executive director daily through verbal/written reports sent via phone and email. 

  6. Reports completed task daily via email.

  7. Full and complete documented orientation of new staff to include completion of 1st three weeks of daily written observation to include classroom, age grouping and special skills noted.

  8. Supervision of all aspects of management to include teacher supervision and technical assistance, supervision over curriculum development and instruction and of lesson plan delivery daily.

  9. Monitors and documents written teachers observation 2 x monthly noting age grouping and special skills, etc.  Meeting with staff 3x per year and documenting with ongoing staff assessment and goal planning per the developmental professional guidelines for Delaware Stars.

  10. Monitors and maintenances classrooms and supplies according to the guidelines of ITERS AND ECERS to assure that all supplies needed to fulfill quality programming for children and that the lesson plans standard materials are gathered and/or order for the teacher and are in the building and available.  Reviews with teacher needed improvement in classroom management and instruction according to the guidelines of the Delaware Competencies.

  11. Monitors developmental growth plan quality assurance requirements for all individual children served at Learning All Hours weekly, parent communication recording and adherence weekly; record and assure semiannual conferences take place; record conference schedules and information.

  12. Insurance of full and complete compliance standards of building inside and outside dwelling and to complete a checklist and occurrences report of any all deficiencies’; reporting and planning repair and/or correction of deficiency within 24 hours.



  1. Attend various facility meetings, including staff meetings, management meetings, other assigned meetings and trainings.
  2. Collect and provider resource for parents and provide time for informal conferences with parents as needed.  Provide parents with information based on best practices and record in administrative. 
  3. Plan and implement in-services training and other programming designs and ideas.
  4. Develop child developmental environments to the highest quality standard possible in a timely fashion, maintenance and restore as needed.
  5. Coordinate services with other classroom through weekly meeting and plan.
  6. Other duties as assigned by supervisor, within the scope of the position.
  7. Provide special programming through excursions and discoveries for both children and parents monthly.
  8. Support of all special programming planned through teacher lesson events.
  9. Creates program Newsletter including news center, fundraiser, coming center events local, world and news from each classroom monthly.

Job Requirements

Early Education experience +5years with a supervisory background.