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Pammela Sandoval, a assistant day care in houston, TX 77072
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I would give my love for children while developing them both physically and mentally. Also make sure that the children enjoy a homely environment.

• 3 years of experience as an assistant daycare

• Honest, kind and good caring approach.

• Excellent knowing of educational, personal and hygienic needs for children between 0 to 5 years old.

• Capable in perceiving children's spychological

•Ability to program activities for children based both inside the facility and outside.

• Good competence in computer exercises and library activities.

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Skills and Certification

• Early Chilhood development courses of 12 hours ;

obtained diploma in october 2014

• First-care nursery cours in 2014

• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses (RCR) of 8 hours;

obtained RCR card in 2012 




Horizon Jeunesse
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I was living in Canada and I recently moved in houston with my housband. I got my high school diploma and all my courses of daycare in Canada. It is a big step to me ,searching for new opportunities in my country... I am a citizen american ,able to work in the united states. I am excited to work to let you know all my abilities and my skills and of course, give all my time for the children. I want my goals to be accomplished and I am sure that you can help me with it. Thank you Sincerely, Pammela Sandoval