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Melody Conard, a Infant and toddler teacher in Katy, TX 77449
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I am a dependable worker, love to stay busy, I was on time and stay working as soon as i get to my work area, i enjoyed my pass job and my coworkers, and employers,I am very easy to get along with,

I worked in day cares center, factorys, car dealership, resturants, and munincipal buildings, at the day care i was the  teacher to the infant and toddler and also the three and four you old class, we did learning excuses and number, color and shape games, teaching them out to recogize there name and learning how to write it,Infant and toddler class we did tummy time, play games,color and did arts and crafts,potty trained, serviced meal and superviced indoor and outdoor playtime, Car Dealership i was their custodian and their shuttle driver, drove customers to different location until there car got repaired, yard work, ran errands for the office staff. ordered cleaning supples, washed windows,emptied trash cans, change light bub fixtures, Municipal Building i was their housekeeper, i cleaned office, washed windows, emptied trash, order cleaning supplies,I work in factories i work in the packing department paced arrisole cans as in deorderants, motor oils fennine spray, hair care supplies, ect,

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I am taking a online college course in be coming a Medical Assistant.I am really learning alot in taking that course.

Elkhart Central High
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I like to learn new thing and don't mind changes, I know that things will change from time to time, That's something that everyone needs to get used to. I like working as a group or along it don't matter