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Thommesha Byrd, a Teacher in Philadelphia, PA 19133
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· Became Supervisor for Trinity Learning Center. · Due to exceptional communication and a strong work ethic, Trinity Learning Center increased their attendees by 10%. · Attended Community College of Philadelphia to help further the knowledge and professionalism of the field.
Love to work with, be around, nurture, and teach children. Its a passion. · A strong and passionate work ethic. Team spirited, and productive. · Promoted to supervisor. Administration, Filing, Schedule Management, and Classroom Organization
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Was promoted to supervisor, at a twenty four daycare facility, for overnight. It increased my skills with organizing the classrooms by ratio and age group. It build my leadership qualities up with more assertiveness, and level of understanding. Had to work with the administration with communicating with them, and filing while scheduling paper work for them, for my shift time to time. Had to greet and work with the parents, gain there interest and trust. Being so I help the business to succeed more by 10%. I do have a folder of copies of my certifications, and last I havr over two years of experience with working in child care, and with children.
Community College of Philadelphia
Early Childhood Education
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I am in the process of furthering out my education, knowledge, and level of expertise by pursuing my degree.