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Alice King, a Teacher in Dallas, TX 75217
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I’m dedicated preschool teacher eager to resume full-time teaching career. I have a passion for education and a commitment to optimizing student and school success.


Head Start Teacher, 01/86 to 2008              

 Toddler Teacher @ Sheranda Play House 06/09 to 07/10

 I was hired as a full-time teacher. I have worked with 2 to 5 year old children in classroom. Left Head Start (on excellent terms) at the end of the 2008 academic year to provide full-time care to cancer-stricken parent, and to go back to college. Contributions:

Earned high marks for the quality of classroom teaching, lesson plans and instructional materials used in teaching diverse subjects (e.g., language arts, math, science, social studies and history).


?  Texas Educator Certificate (Developed innovative approaches that were held as the model standard for meeting district goals in areas including technology integration across the curriculum, experiential learning, literacy and diversity.

?  Taught general education students and individuals with learning challenges within a mainstreamed, inclusive classroom.

?  Consistently commended for ability to redirect students exhibiting behavior problems by replacing disruptive, unproductive patterns with positive behaviors.



Primary Caregiver, 10/08 to 06/09

I stepped away from the classroom to serve as caregiver to parent diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Provided daily care, assisted with financial affairs and coordinated treatment with medical professionals and hospice team.

Child Care Group, 10/2012 to 10/ 2015

I was hired as a substitute teacher and work every day, in June 2013 I became lead teacher in a Preschool classroom without an assistant with twenty children. My job duties are taking pictures of parent and child putting pictures in cubbies and portfolio. Setting up family life board with family with student and families, setting up child notebook with monthly artwork, writing simple, name writing sample, Book Report this when child draw a picture of a story you have read they tell you what the drawing is about and teacher write on the back of child drawing, Anecdotal notes, Print and Book checklist, Self-portrait, Parent Comment Sheet, Home Visits, Two Week adjustment, Phonological Awareness Checklist, Lap3, Lap D These are tests that are given to children, Making sure each child have a journal, Letter ID Checklist, Parent Conferences, Outcome Framework, Circle time, Lesson Plan, planning for special need children in classroom, daily meal count sheet, brushing teeth, nutrition activities, sign in sheet for parent to sign their child in, children sign- in board. Word wall, check classroom.  Children  


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Associate Degree in Child development


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Eastfield College
child development
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